Do I need a membership to see all the content ?
Yes, you need a membership plan to get access to all the content of this website.
What are the differences between the memberships ?
All three memberships give access to the content of this website.
However, the number of simultaneous logins differ with each membership, along with IP restriction.
See also the membership shop for more details
For how long a period does a membership run ?
A membership runs for 1 year and is automatically renewed each year, and payment is fully automated for this purpose. You can cancel your subscription any time by mail.
See also pricing and terms of use
What payment options are available ?
You can pay by iDeal or by credit card services, no other payment methods are accepted.
I have purchased a membership plan, how long will it take before I get access ?
After receiving the payment you will receive a confirmation email. Immediately afterwards you can log in with your login details.
I did not receive a email with invoice
Please send a e-mail with your name and username, and I will send you your invoice by mail again.
Your internet service provider may be marking this email as [SPAM], please check your spam-box in your mailing software or webmail.
I have entered a wrong password/username and locked myself out
No worries ! For security reasons you will be locked out after entering 3 wrong usernames and/or passwords within a given time.
You will be locked out for 30 minutes, after this period you can try again.
I have forgotten my password
You can go to the login page and request to reset your password by choosing [lost your password].
You will receive a email with further details, the email address used for this purpose is the email you used to register
I have lost my username
Please get in contact with us, make sure to use the email adres with which you registrated your membership and allow to answer a security question (send to you by mail) before releasing your account again.
Note that this may take up to 24 hours to respond.
How do I change my password ?
Go to your [my account] page and you can change your password in the [edit your password and account details] section.
I get logged off when changing from device
When you have a personal membership you are only allowed to be logged in at 1 device at the same time.
Please consider changing your membership plan.
If you have an educational membership plan you are allowed to be logged in at 5 devices simultaneously, restricted to 1 IP adres.
If you have purchased a hospital membership plan you can logg in with 10 devices simultaneously, without an IP restriction.
If you have purchased a correct membership plan and still encouter problems please get in contact.
I have purchased a membership plan but still am unable to log in
You may be blacklisted due to earlier (illegal) attempts to login. Please get in contact and I will undo your blacklisting. Please allow up to 24 hours before response.
Can I upgrade my membership plan ?
Yes you can, but you have to send an email with a request to change your membership plan. Please allow up to 24 hours to respond.