AML monoblastic/monocytic

In acute monoblastic and monocytic leukaemia more than 80% of the leukaemic cells are of the monocytic lineage (monoblasts, promonocytes, monocytes); <20% is myeloid.

The difference between monoblastic and monocytic is the relative proportion of blasts and promyelocyten: in acute monoblastic leukaemia >80% of the leukaemic cells are blasts, in acute monocytic leukaemia the majority of the cells are promonocytic.
Hyperleukocytosis is a clinical feature that is associated with Acute monocytic leukaemia.
Blasts are positive for CD13, CD33, HLA-Dr, frequently positive for CD36, CD64, CD11b, CD117, CD56, CD4.

Acute Monocytic Leukaemia:

Acute Monoblastic Leukaemia: